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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Summers - A Civics Lesson

4th @ Estes Park mid 50's..3rd tallest lol

My heroes were Alvin York and Audy Murphy
John Wayne was an actor...me on right..
boy could we whup them injuns and nazi's

My sweetheart (what's her name) seeing
me off to Parris Island..summer 67
Dear John letter 3 wks later lol

I have seen and done a lot in the summers of my life, some I would just as soon forget. There was an innocence back then that has not served well for the future. Our greatest threat was always over there, we were America!! We kicked Nazi and Jap ass and we will do the same to the Commies. Kruchev had it right, we will be destroyed from within , not the Trade Unions, not the NAACP or the liberals at the ACLU, but it will be from the right and our government. How do you fight that? It's like pissing in the wind ...

I am so tired of the pompous asses on the right thinking they are the only patriots, how did this come to pass?

My summer of 63 was filled with change, I saw the voter rights march in Brownsville Tenn turn into carnage, with fire truck hoses and police dogs and night sticks swinging!!! The march had went to the right at the town square , as they passed , the fire trucks blocked their retreat and the cop cars stopped their advance and the beatings began.

We had our Yankee agitator from New York(white) , the cops arrested him right off , no resistance from him, basically non-violent! A day or two later my friend Fred and I skipped afternoon classes and went to his trial. When he walked in he was limping with two black eyes and his right arm in a sling, the only place for that to happen was the jailhouse. The hero of that day was the black Memphis lawyer defending him, trust me as a southern white boy in that day and time, you just did not see a black man stand up to white people and insist on being treated as an equal, but he did and he was, much to the chagrin of the audience around us, uppity nigger some body oughta kill him came out of more than one white males mouth.

That brings me to the summer of 06, where if you don't tow the line and do as we say do, then by God you are unAmerican, unpatriotic, anti war, lowlife scumbag who should be hung. That's the same mindset as in 63 , just a new generation.

How do we beat them? How do we counteract the rhetoric spewed forth by the Dan Coulters and Merry Milkins and Limpboughs(viagra helped) and O'reallys, who the moment you take a stand against them , out comes the flag and they wrap themselves in it , while they are wiping their ass with the constitution

Let's talk about it , I'm ready, I don't hate these people , I feel sorry for them. they don't know any better ..ignorance is bliss

About talked out, did me good just to write it down, don't know if it will see the light of day or not, doesn't matter

-- Submitted by Billy H.