< Freedom Summer 2006: Why Do We Need Another "Freedom Summer"?

Monday, July 03, 2006

Why Do We Need Another "Freedom Summer"?

A small group of wealthy individuals will do or say anything to keep their power – and increase it. They’re busy turning the United States of America into their own private colony.

They’re not really “conservatives,” although they call themselves that. “They may use Burkean conservative philosophy when it suits them, but their real goal is power and wealth. Most Americans who call themselves "conservative" would want nothing to do with people like these, if they understood what they were really trying to do.

I call them “The New Tories.”

Like the original Tories, this cabal doesn't care about freedom or the public good. Like the original Tories, they don't believe in the fundamentals of human rights - abroad or at home. And like the original Tories, to them most Americans - black, brown or white, Northern and Southern, poor and middle-class alike - are nothing more than a servile class to be exploited and ignored.

To this pampered elite we only exist to buy the goods they produce, and to work in their offices, factories, and fields - unless they can find cheaper help elsewhere, of course, in which case we are to be tossed aside like spent shotgun shells.

Vote? Speak? Assemble? These rights are to be reserved for the privileged, not kept available for all. Think this is hyperbole? Then start reading the newspapers again (while you still can.) Enough information still penetrates the cloud of self-imposed spin to convince even the most skeptical - as long as they read with an open mind.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with getting rich. It's the American dream. But these guys don't want to get rich - they are rich, thanks to Daddy more often than not. They want to close the door for the rest of us so there's more for them.

And so, we’re fighting back. Our hope is that “Freedom Summer 2006” is the beginning of the end for the New Tories, and the start of a renewed dedication to freedom in the United States of America.